Swishh, Inc. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Last modified: December 6th, 2017

By downloading and using Swishh, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

1. Privacy Policy

Swishh is a truly fast contact exchange mobile app, which allows people to seamlessly swap their social profiles and contact info.

To use Swishh, simply point your mobile device towards another Swishh user’s device and tap on either:

  • My Profile to share all your prefered info, or
  • Custom at the top right of your screen to select specific info (personal, professional, social, etc.)

That’s it! You’ve just Swishhed, it’s as simple as that.

From the contact page you can also discover and connect with people you’ve crossed paths with.

When using Swishh, you'll necessarily share some information with us: this collection is necessary to the smooth operation and improvement of the service proposed by Swishh to our users. We understand that the data you decide to share with us can affect your privacy. Our privacy policy is to inform you as to how we use that data, whom we may share it with and your options to access, control & update your information.

This privacy policy was written to make it easy for our community to easily understand what it means to use our services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: support@swishh.us

What Information do we collect?

There are the 3 ways Swishh collects your information:

  • Information you choose to link to our app: email address, phone number, physical address, social media platforms and other linked info
  • Information we gather when you use our services
  • Information we gather from third parties with whom you have already publicly shared information

  1. Information we gather when you use our Services

    When you use Swishh, we gather information on your app usage and information you decide to share with others. For instance, if you share your Profile information with John at this social gathering in San Francisco, we will keep track of these data exchanges. Here’s a detailed description of the information we collect when you use Swishh.

    Usage information: We gather information about the way you use our mobile app.

    Which type of profiles and what information you share with other users, including dates, times and geolocation parameters when you are using the app.

    Content information: We gather information about the data you provide us with, e.g. if a Swishh recipient has checked out your information and whether they click on various profiles and info you shared with them.

    Device information: We gather data specific to the device on which you operate Swishh such as the phone model, operating system version, unique application identifiers, unique device identifiers, browser type, language, wireless network and mobile network information.

    Device Address Book: There are two ways Swishh and your personal address book can interact for an optimized service:

    1. Because Swishh allows you to synchronize your new contacts within your personal address book, we may collect, with your consent, information from your device’s address book.
    2. When you connect Swishh with your phone's contact list, you'll be able to see a list of your contacts who use Swishh. From there you can Swishh them directly, or hide their details. When your contact list is connected, it's periodically synced and securely stored on our servers. You can disconnect your contacts at any time: visit iOS Settings, scroll down to the Swishh app, and toggle the switch for Contacts.

    Camera & Photo Library: Because you need to upload your profile picture, we will request access to your camera and photos, with your consent. It will be easier for the recipients to remember you if they have access to your chosen profile picture!

    Location information: When you use Swishh, with your consent, we will collect information about your precise location to give you & your recipient a reminder of where you met and in what context. This feature is very useful after meeting a multitude of people at various events and locations.
    Additionally, with your consent, we will collect and process your device location in order to identify the geographical areas where you crossed paths with other users that activated the Nearby Users feature. The Swishh app may access your position, approximately or more precisely depending on which technology is being used.
    Your exact position or your trip history isn’t available to other users. Swishh will only share the past location of a user when two users were within close proximity to one another at a given point in time. You can opt out of the location tracking at any time, and deactivate it on your device, directly from the Settings page on the Swishh app, or from your smartphone built-in Settings. By doing that, your Nearby Users list will deactivate and other users will not be able to see you in their own Nearby Users list.

    Information Collected by Cookies & other Technologies:

    Log Information: We also gather log information when you're on our website. That information includes:

    • Device information such as your web browser type & language
    • Access time, pages viewed, IP address, Identifiers associated with cookies
    • Pages you visited before or after navigating to our website

    Phone number information:
    To verify your phone number, we use an external service called Firebase: when you use this feature, your number will be sent and stored by Google to improve their spam and abuse prevention across Google services, including but not limited to Firebase.
    Keep in mind that using this feature also involve receiving a SMS on your phone, and standard rates may apply.

  2. Third Party Information:

    We will gather information from other Swishh users who may provide us with additional information about you. E.g. if John gives us access to his address book when syncing his information to his device, we may combine the information he has about you with the data we already possess.

How we use your information:

How do we use the information we gather? Let's cut to the chase, quite simply we strive to provide you with the best contact exchange mobile app you've ever had your hands on, together with a strict protection of your personal data. There's more to it:

  • Increase safety & security of our user's data
  • Update, protect, improve, deliver & protect our product and services
  • Communicate with our user community
  • Analyze usage and trends of Swishh users
  • Verify your identity to prevent any type of hacks or frauds or any kind of illegal activity
  • Enforce our terms of services and our policies
  • Store information on your device (local caching) so the app is as fast as it can be

How we share your information:

We may share your information in the following verticals:

  • With other Swishh users:

    • Information about you, such as your first & last name + linked social media pages and contact info
    • Information about how you interact with other Swishh users such as your newly added connections and the names of users you are friends with
    • Any additional information you have consented for us to share. For example when you let us access your device's phonebook, we may share information about you with other users who have your phone number in their device phonebook
  • With third parties, for legal reasons only. We may share information about you if we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is needed to:

    • Comply with any legitimate court order, search warrant, applicable law, and regulation
    • Investigate, remedy, or enforce potential terms of services violations
    • Protect the rights, property, and safety of our users, ours and others'
    • Detect and resolve any fraud or security concerns.

Control over your information:

So our users maintain full control over their information, we provide the following options:

  • Access and updates:

    You have the right to access and update all the information you link to our app. There are of course limitations to these updates which may limit your range of actions, such as endangering the privacy of others, if technical efforts to respond to your request are burdensome or unlawful. You may revoke your information from someone you swishhed by blocking them from your app contact list.

  • Revoking permissions:

    If you change your mind about authorizing us to collect information from certain sources that you’ve given us access to, such as your phone book or location services, you can simply revoke your consent by changing the settings on your device. Of course, this may take away some core functionalities of our app. Ex: Geolocation, phone book synchronization etc.

  • Account deletion:

    Although we hope you stay a Swishh community member, you may delete your profile and all associated data in our database for any reason at any time by simply requesting it in the Settings page.

  • Children:

    Our services are not intended for anyone under the age of 12. We will not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 12 years of age.

    If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with information without their consent, he or she should contact us at feedback@swishh.us. We will delete such information from our files within a reasonable time.

  • Users Outside the United States:

    Although we welcome Swishh users from all over the world, keep in mind that no matter where you live or where you happen to use our services, your information may be shared within our company. This means that we may collect your personal information from, transfer it to, and store and process it in the United States and other countries besides your country of residence.

  • Revisions to the Privacy Policy:

    We may revise this privacy policy from time to time and as required to insure we remain current with existing and future regulations or legislation pertaining to data protection and user control over personal data, and privacy. When we do so, we’ll update the date at the top of this Privacy Policy page, and you may receive an email update or in-app notification for the most impactful changes.

2. Terms of Service

  1. You must be at least 12 years old to use the Swishh app.

  2. You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive content via the Swishh app, on your Swishh profile, or anywhere else using our service.

  3. You are not allowed to defame, stalk, bully, impersonate, harass, threaten, abuse people or other users on the Swishh app.

  4. You aren’t allowed to use, distribute or collect other Swishh users’ credentials or content posted on the Swishh app.

  5. Our team may remove, edit, block, and/or monitor accounts containing content that we determine violates these Terms of Service.

  6. You understand and agree that Swishh cannot and will not be responsible for the content posted on our app, and that you use Swishh at your own risk.

  7. If you find content that violates those Terms of Service, or if you find content you don’t like, you can report the user’s profile by tapping on the flag icon in the Nearby Users list, or by tapping on the upper right dots icon on the user’s page. That user account and its content will immediately be removed from your Contacts and Nearby Users list. We will review that user profile and content within 24 hours, and may remove, edit, block, and/or monitor that user’s account.

  8. Violation of these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy may result in the termination of your Swishh account and access to the service.